Agricultural V-Belt

Agricultural Belt type : HG / HH / HI / HJ / HK / HM / HN / HO
Working Temperature:-20℃ ~ +80℃
Standard:  ISO 3410, ASAE S 211.4


The Agriculture Variable Speed V-Belt is specially designed for the various infinitely variable transmissions of the combine harvesters. The belts has been designed to absorb shock loads and large lateral pressures. It serves as a coupling belt in the event of blockings, yet the adapted friction level mean that the belt pulls better through and causes fewer blockings.


The Agriculture Variable Speed V-Belt are temperature and oil resistant. The cord, the power transmitting element, has been designed for heavy power transmission while at the same time ensuring a very high degree of length stability. A special rubber compound with textile fibres across the length of the belt provides high stability and minimizes deflection in the transverse direction. The moulded cog ensures maximum flexibility and optimum fit in the pulley grooves.
-Outstanding durability
-Extremely low-stretch tension
-High grade polychloroprene rubber compound with a carefully determined fibre content
-High flexibility combined with optimum cross section rigidity
-Very high coefficient of friction and low slip
-Precised manufacturing and geometry
-Excellent power transmission