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Forging Technology

We have extensive forging and machining experience for those components, such as Solid Block Valve (over 12 tons, for Solid block X-mass Tree) and our CRA products (Inconel 718 Tubing Hangers, 400Kg etc.); and we also have produced many high quality drilling tools by well controlled forging process. Therefore, whatever your needed products are, we know exactly how to select good raw material, to closely controlled remelting procedures, to do the exact time–temperature–forging cycles, and to control the forging ratios, we know when and how to perform a rigorous inspection to avoid any structural defects. By the experiences and quality control process, as well as our in-depth understanding of the API and other related standards, we are able to ensure the final product with superior metallurgical properties and thus a maximum strength, toughness and corrosion resistance.


Machining Technology

TEC has great capability and experience in precision machining oil and gas components out of numerous materials including a vast spectrum of difficult to machine alloys, such as Inconel 625, Inconel 718, R41, Monel 400, 500, Nimonic 75, Waspaloy, Super Duplex and other heat/corrosion resistant super alloys. Option surface treatment such as Nitriding, Tungsten Carbide coating are available with lapped surface as low as 2 Helium Light Band.

Tubular Technology

TEC can provide proprietary grade for high collapse, sour service, or heavy oil recovery. TEC can supply superior Quality High strength, High Toughness, Homogeneous material and Corrosion Resistant Line Pipes for various special service such as offshore and sour services, e.g. API grade X-80. TEC Line Pipe can be supplied with such varieties as UOE Pipe, High Frequency Welded (HFW) Pipe and Seamless Pipe (SMLS), realizing high availability in a wide size range and in large quantity.


Weld Cladding Technology

TEC has the technology and facilities to produce Weld Cladding with CRA for corrosion services, which is applied to equipment such as Wellhead/Tree, chokes, valves, Blowout Preventers etc. We are able to produce a weld deposit of consistent high quality and depth with close dimensional tolerances and surface finish of 500 microns.

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